Blue Rose – Jason Sheng

This eBook is the first released by Jason Sheng and the first series of the Blue Rose. This book contains 5 practical card trick that you will use to perform. Absolutely no gimmicks are used and all of the tricks can be done with a borrowed deck. You can perform them anytime and anywhere; so don't sit there - learn so great new magic today!

KICK YOUR FACE - A variation of the Lee Smith's Kick back kings. This is a surprising transportation between the selected card and the 2 kings. It's a clever impromptu trick, which can be performed in walk-around situation.

MYSTERY SURPRISE - 2 Jokers are shown and placed on the table. Then, a card is removed and spectators are told it is a Mystery card. A spectator selects a card, which is then lost in the deck. Mystery card is turned over using the two jokers on the table, and it is in fact, spectators selected card.

TEAM FINDER - The cards work as a team to find each other and the final revelation appear in the spectator's hands.

TWISTING AROUND - A variation of Helder Guimaraes's "Marry Andrew". Show the four Kings cleanly and openly. Each time, one of the King will turn face down until the last King. All of the four Kings are face down, but you face up one of the King and cause all of the Kings to be face up.

5-5 POKER DEAL - You remove 10 cards from the deck and play a poker game with your spectator, shuffle the pack and deal out two cards, let them select which card is their hand, and repeat the action to select the cards for you. After both hands have five cards, you will always get a Royal Flush. It comes with two extra presentations. One is around a Red and Black theme, similar to Out of this World. The other is an ESP Open Prediction, a very strong packet trick which you will love to perform.

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